Don’t let your data get you in trouble: Detect and redact data with higher than human accuracy.

Building privacy into your workflows shouldn’t be hard. Private AI makes privacy and GDPR compliance fast, easy, and reliable.


Our contextual AI can quickly strip over 30 categories (and growing) of personally identifiable information from EnglishSpanish, and French text.

Psst… no 3rd party processing required.

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Working with personal data?


Easily remove faces, license plates, and sensitive text from stored images like IDs and crowd photos.

Designed for developers

We’re easy to deploy in any workflow — on-prem, web, or mobile — with just a few lines of code, so you can quickly add privacy protection to your data pipeline and then get back to shooting the breeze with rubber ducks.

How our tech stacks up

Our AI model has outperformed every other redaction service on the market.
Don’t believe us? We’re happy to go toe-to-toe in a performance test any day.

45ms Latency

We’re lightning fast on-prem, running over 25x faster than a reference NLP system on a single CPU core.

99%+ Accuracy

Our contextual NLP model delivers industry leading performance across more than 30 different types of PII, and we can easily add custom ones too.

32x Smaller

Private AI installs with just 3 lines of code into your on-prem, web, or mobile workflows, and tips the scales at just over 40MB.

32x Smaller

Private AI installs with just 3 lines of code into your on-prem, web, or mobile workflows, and tips the scales at just over 40MB.

Our de-identification suite

We’ve created a range of cutting edge AI models that quickly and cost-effectively redact large datasets (text, image, video, audio) to provide privacy without the use of 3rd party cloud providers or new infrastructure. All it takes is 3 lines of code integrated into your existing workflows (on-premise, mobile, web, you name it). And with that comes a ton of benefits.

Unlock access to data sets with PII

Streamline software deployment

Reduce GDPR compliance overhead

Limit impact of data leaks

Trusted By

We understand that using our technology to promise privacy to your clients means that you’re putting your reputation into our hands, and we take that responsibility incredibly seriously. But don’t take our word for it – here’s what our partners have to say about us and our technology:

“PrivateAI’s de-identification solution was extremely easy to integrate with our current pipeline, requiring only a few lines of code to ensure GDPR-compliant data handling for our users’ sensitive information. As a data anonymizer it was accurate and highly performant, allowing us to offer superior privacy protection without affecting our rates of service. Importantly, it enabled us to meet the rigorous data privacy requirements of the financial services sector without having to break the bank.”

— Damian Tran, CTO MinervaAI

We provide a speech-to-text transcription API and needed to bring our redaction of credit cards, SSNs, and other personal financial and health information up to the highest accuracy level possible. Private AI made that quick and easy – now our accuracy numbers are through the roof and our clients are happy, which has been amazing. Plus they were remarkably easy to integrate into our existing workflows, which saved us a lot of time & effort compared to building something in-house, without our data ever having to leave our servers since we can run Private AI’s models on-premise.”

— Dylan Fox, CEO AssemblyAI